Artist Spotlight: John Paul White / by Lane Smith

It's a Wednesday night and the rain has just begun to pour over Santa Monica Blvd. The streets were alive, but all was quiet outside the Troubadour. I was late. Thankfully, I was just in time to catch Alabama raised artist, John Paul White. As this half of the former duo 'The Civil Wars' walked on the stage, the intimate room errupted with cheers. 

Photo by Allister Ann

Photo by Allister Ann

The set began fairly mellow. What started as JPW on stage with nothing but his guitar, turned into a full six piece band after just a couple songs. It was a night filled with variety. It was a perfect mix of folk, americana and even some authentic southern rock. As Los Angeles was one of the final stops on this tour in support of Beluah, you could tell the whole band was thankful for the attention the crowd was giving them. As the "final song" ended, the band exited the stage. However, John began to laugh and quickly yelled for the band to come back out for another two songs. It was a joyful night filled with dismal lyrics; a picture perfect evening. 

If you haven't had the chance to listen to any of John Paul White's album, Beluah, I highly recommend it. Guaranteed to have something you'll fall in love with. Also, be sure to catch him at one of the last four stops on this winter tour!

January 15 /// Seattle, WA /// The Crocodile
January 16 /// Vancouver, BC /// The Biltmore Cabaret
January 19 /// Denver, CO /// The Bluebird Theater
January 21 /// Kansas City, MO /// Knuckleheads

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