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Late in the winter of 2016 I wrote seven simple words in my journal. A sentence I could not ignore much longer. Seven words that got me out of my routine and building a camper out of broken skateboards and fallen cedar trees.

The words... I want everyday to be different.  Ive lived on the road for so long I have no answer to the question where do you live. Ive stayed weeks in places I didn't even know existed. tasted culture and made new friends in different nations. Peed in bottles, missed showers for days and laid sleepless sweating in deserts far away. 


Kayaking in a Winter Storm - Edwin's Eyes Volume 1

Today Joey and I set out to lean how to kayak and campout in the Monarch mountains. We started off about 8 miles up the Clark Fork river. The weather was great and we enjoyed a great view of the snow topped mountains reflecting on the river. By the time we reached Lake Pend Oreille we were in a full on rain storm. The rest is history.    


Traveling to China/Building real life Pokemon Gyms

I went to China with Abram Boise and Sound Color Studios to film a documentary on architecture design. This is day one of our trip and journey into western China. We flew from LA to Shanghai then Shanghai to Lanzhou. Next day was a 600 mile train ride paralleling the Tibetan Plato, Lanzhou to the Gansu Province.