PNW, Ice Caves and That NW Bridge

With the upcoming release of our No Anchor Prototype pullover, we made our way north for an adventure of sorts. After a six hour drive through the mountainous pass of Washington, we found ourselves downtown Seattle with the sun about to set and a Blue Moon Burger in hand.

That night, we met with our lovely apparel designer Erin Ellithorpe to shoot the pilot of our upcoming series Behind the Creative; a feature documentary exploring the background and ambitions behind inspirational individuals. Following the shoot, we made our way back to the hotel, I, per usual, stripped down and we played a game of Adventure Time Munchkin. 

After a solid continental breakfast, we made our way out to the Big Four Ice Caves for the first Prototype photo shoot (BTS Photos Above). Surrounded by waterfalls, natural ice caves and the extravagant tones of the pacific northwest, almost anything shot captured the feels we were aiming for. 

Our next stop was "That NW Bridge" or the Vance Creek Viaduct. Michael had been wanting to explore this spot over the last year, so he was definitely the most stoked. The Vance Creek Viaduct is the 2nd tallest train bridge in the U.S. and is also on private property (so we had to be sneaky).

We finished up our shoot and had some killer fish and chips at "The Shipwreck Cafe." We also renamed their "Triple-Double Burger" to the "Trouble Burger" because it kinda blows up when you eat it. But it's definitely worth it. After a full belly and a pot of coffee in me, the road trip continued and we made our way back to the No Anchor studio. The trip was a success and you can now find the hoodies in our Winter Lookbook! 


Lane Smith

Approached by long time friends Edwin and Michael with the early idea of No Anchor, Lane immediately hopped on board to get things rolling. Currently living in Los Angeles, Lane spends most of his time at NA managing athlete, artist and client relations. Over time, the team has given Lane the title of Hair Dresser. Acting as the team barber, Lane makes sure the team has fresh cuts and sharp projects to showcase to the world one head or one screen at a time.