Robin Lakes Backpacking Trip - Pre-Game


If you haven't noticed, we here at No Anchor like to go on hikes all over the northwest. Recently, we've really wanted to share our experience with as many people as we can. (Almost) every weekend, we embark on a trip to a new beautiful location to take photos, exercise, and tell ghost stories around the fire. But this weekend is going to be a little different. The scale is a bit larger, so I thought a little info might be helpful to those considering joining us!

Where are we going?

This weekend, we will be traveling to one of the most beautiful and remote areas in the northwest, the "Alpine Lakes Wilderness", or more specifically, Robin Lakes. 

"Oooooooo, Awwwwww" - Everybody

"Oooooooo, Awwwwww" - Everybody


Here is the location of the trailhead.

When are we going!?

CDA/Spokane People: We will be meeting near my house at the CDA Albertson's around 6:30pm Friday (tomorrow) night. If you are not meeting at my house and want to meet me at Albertson's, PLEASE text me (Michael) and let me know so I don't forget you (2084492534).

Seattle/Portland: We will be staying at a free campsite late Friday night. Here is the (general) location. 


We will be waking up around 7:00AM to get to the trailhead and start our hike. Again, my number is 2084492534 so you can reach out to me with any questions. I will have my phone but service isn't guaranteed. 


Our trips are a LOT of fun! However, they are not guided or organized (well...kinda). This hike is a long (18 miles round trip), intense, and COLD one. If you don't come prepared, you will probably be sad and that won't be good.

Basically, you're responsible for yourself. That means you need to bring your own gear. IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING OR DONT HAVE MONEY TO BUY IT, let us know and we can help you BEFOREHAND, but once we're hiking we can't do much for you. 

Here is a basic list of things to bring :) 

• Hiking boots
• Warm Socks (Wool)
• Water
• Food (two days worth)
• Tent (or tarp if you're hardcore)
• Cold Weather Sleeping Bag
• Change of clothes
• Flashlight
• Backpack
• $10 if you are leaving your car at the trailhead

We will be spending the night at the top on Saturday and hiking down Sunday afternoon. We will be back in CDA late Sunday night.

Annndddd That's It!!

If you have any questions, send me a text @ 2084492534

See you guys tomorrow!!


Michael Gribbin

Michael created the early idea for No Anchor. While attending school for his B.S. at Full Sail University, he designed the "NA" logo, website, and all graphics-related materials for the brand. After graduation, he moved back home to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to continue pursuing the brand's growth. Currently, Michael wears many hats for No Anchor. Most notably, he handles the apparel and design/illustration for No Anchor's unique aesthetic. He operates cameras on shoots, storyboards video concepts, edits part-time and runs No Anchor's Instagram. Michael also holds the highest score on the basketball game located in No Anchor's studio.