Planes on Paper | Pregame

If you are going to be in Spokane, Washington this Sunday night, I HIGHLY recommend you come and check out one of my favorite "local" Indie/Folk bands. I saw them a little under a year ago and have been waiting ever since to get another chance to hear their entrancing duets. I present...Planes on Paper.

I say "local" because they're actually from Yakima, Washington, but still... PNW natives none the less. I walked into the show having never heard of these two, but I quickly fell in love with their flawless harmonies and Navid's unconfined and effortless guitar picking. Jen and Navid are so well correlated musically, it's truly a treat to see them perform live. Occasionally, they are joined by some of their musical friends and, on Sunday, they'll be joined by James playing the Leona, a native Mexican instrument. It's similar to an acoustic bass guitar, and I can't wait to hear it paired with Navid's guitar. 

They'll be joined by Paper Bird at The Bartlett in Spokane Sunday night

Grab your tickets HERE and I'll see you there! 


(If you see me in the crowd, come say hi and I'll give you a free No Anchor decal. I'll be wearing my "Sad Songs" shirt, so I'll be easy to spot)

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