Record Breaking Windstorm | A Night of Skateboarding

Just a few hours ago, the areas surrounding Spokane Washington experienced a nearly record-breaking windstorm, with gusts reaching close to 70 miles an hour. Seeing as warnings indicated to stay indoors, we grabbed some umbrellas and skateboards and went windsurfing. 

Make sure to check out our snapchat @no_anchor for a behind the scenes look at our very soggy night! Be safe if you're planning on going outside and stay away from tall trees!

Michael Gribbin

Michael created the early idea for No Anchor. While attending school for his B.S. at Full Sail University, he designed the "NA" logo, website, and all graphics-related materials for the brand. After graduation, he moved back home to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to continue pursuing the brand's growth. Currently, Michael wears many hats for No Anchor. Most notably, he handles the apparel and design/illustration for No Anchor's unique aesthetic. He operates cameras on shoots, storyboards video concepts, edits part-time and runs No Anchor's Instagram. Michael also holds the highest score on the basketball game located in No Anchor's studio.