Exploring Colorado in RAW | Hacked Canon 7D & 60D Scenery Video

Hey guys! It's Michael here. I thought I'd talk to you a little bit about our new video we just finished. It's the first in our "Explore Series", which will encompass all kinds of exploration videos, adventures and scenery videos. 

While passing through Buena Vista, Colorado, we as a team were taken by the amazing landscapes and rolling cactus-ridden hillsides. In order to truly capture the essence of what made this place so great, we felt we needed to shoot a video in a RAW format. Fortunately, Edwin Olding had actually hacked our Canon 60D and 7D to shoot RAW with just one "downside." The video recorded would sometimes "glitch" and create strange colors and shapes that were not in the original video. Here's a couple of examples:

Kinda cool right?

Sequence 01.Still003.png

While most would see this as a gnawing inconvenience, the sensitive artist inside me saw it as an interesting effect that shouldn't be hidden away or fixed, but expanded upon.

We branded the beginning titles to match the glitches and kept them in as a sort of keepsake. In the future, when we have the budget for cameras with actual RAW-shooting ability, we'll be able to look back on these videos and say that these technical hiccups couldn't stop us!

Take a look at the final video and get ready for the next adventure in the Explore series!

Michael Gribbin

Michael created the early idea for No Anchor. While attending school for his B.S. at Full Sail University, he designed the "NA" logo, website, and all graphics-related materials for the brand. After graduation, he moved back home to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to continue pursuing the brand's growth. Currently, Michael wears many hats for No Anchor. Most notably, he handles the apparel and design/illustration for No Anchor's unique aesthetic. He operates cameras on shoots, storyboards video concepts, edits part-time and runs No Anchor's Instagram. Michael also holds the highest score on the basketball game located in No Anchor's studio.