Interview with motel. | BØNES, The 1975 & Star Wars

Emerging into the scene with a fresh identity, motel, made up of producer Noah Munck (AKA Noxik) and sister Taylor just dropped their debut single 'BØNES'. As both a friend of Noah's and fan of his music, I was pretty excited to see him and his sister take on this new project. Check out the track, grab the free download and dig a little deeper into their inspirations through the interview below! 

Q: I would usually ask how the two of you met, but given you two are related... how is it working in the studio with your sister/brother?

Taylor: Working together is a cool experience.

Noah: We both grew up enjoying the same music and now have the same influences when it comes to the art we want to create, so it all flows really well.

Q: Is this a side project from Noxik? Or have you made a complete transition to motel?

For now LVRK will be my main focus, but I'll for sure be dropping some new NoxiK stuff later on.

Q: Bones is huge for a debut track and definitely has a unique sound to it. Where do you pull most of your inspiration from?

Noah: Thank you, I know we're both really proud of this one. For me, my main inspiration come from trap artists in the scene right now like LAXX, Brillz, and RL Grime.

Taylor: I pull most of my inspiration for lyrics from bands like The 1975 and The Neighbourhood. I feel they capture the more monochrome, emotional vibe we're going for with our music.

Q: To follow that, which artists have had the biggest impact on the two of you? Either electronic or other.

Noah: I know we're both die-hard fans of The 1975.

Taylor: Umm Yes. They're probably my favorite act in the music scene at the moment.

Noah: They just capture this vibe and write sick lyrics that comes together for great music.

Taylor: Pretty sure they're our dream tour mates. Fingers crossed.

Q: What can we expect from motel. in 2015?

Noah: Right now we're working on our EP so you can for sure be on the lookout for that. Hopefully sometime around Summer.

Taylor: We also eventually want to start playing live shows. Got some cool ideas for how we could perform our music.

Q: Lastly, if you could choose between a Jedi or a velociraptor to fight alongside you in battle, who would you go with?

Noah: Jedi

Taylor: Jedi.

Noah: We're Star Wars fans



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