PAC NW Partnership

We're excited to announce that we are now a partner of the Pacific Arts Collective NW (PACNW). Read more about what they are doing and see how you can save on No Anchor apparel! 


"PAC NW is a one of a kind meeting ground for artists and their audience. They offer patrons an exclusive access to up-and-coming local talent, and invites them to expand their role from a passive fan and consumer, into an active investor and supporter of the arts. 

The Pacific Arts Collective Northwest, LLC (PAC NW) is a one-of-a-kind meeting ground for the artist and the audience. Likewise, the artist is offered exposure and promotion as well as opportunities for project funding, all within a supportive and creative collective of like-minded groups and individuals. "


By becoming a member of the PACNW, you can save on each of your purchases at Check out their website and learn more!




Lane Smith

Approached by long time friends Edwin and Michael with the early idea of No Anchor, Lane immediately hopped on board to get things rolling. Currently living in Los Angeles, Lane spends most of his time at NA managing athlete, artist and client relations. Over time, the team has given Lane the title of Hair Dresser. Acting as the team barber, Lane makes sure the team has fresh cuts and sharp projects to showcase to the world one head or one screen at a time.