Sync or Swim - Vol. 1

A collection of sounds to keep you afloat. Sync or swim is a weekly blog series where we want to share with you what we are listening to, new releases, killer music videos and more! 

To start off, we want to give you a little taste of what we have been listening to recently. This will hopefully give you a little taste of what's to come, or (worst case) turn you off completely, making you re-think why you followed us goons in the first place. So... let's get this started! 

Moose Blood

Probably our favorite up and coming band of the year, Moose Blood has rocked the scene with their debut album 'I'll Keep You in Mind From Time to Time'. 


A splash of roots, a soulful yearning for mid century Americana and the fiery passion of post punk ferocity rampages over a record of earnestly forceful tracks like a runaway locomotive. 

Our Last Night

New England natives, Our Last Night have spent the past years growing up, literally. Their commitment to excellence has made them a diverse juggernaut with endless capabilities and a very bright future. 

Lane Smith

Approached by long time friends Edwin and Michael with the early idea of No Anchor, Lane immediately hopped on board to get things rolling. Currently living in Los Angeles, Lane spends most of his time at NA managing athlete, artist and client relations. Over time, the team has given Lane the title of Hair Dresser. Acting as the team barber, Lane makes sure the team has fresh cuts and sharp projects to showcase to the world one head or one screen at a time.