LANY - ILYSB (Live in Los Angeles)

A name you might have seen a lot more of recently, LANY is the definition of a breakthrough artist. Having just played their first live show under a year ago, this LA based trio has dropped two official 2015 releases as they recently signed to Polydor Records. With a futuristic, 80's chill vibe, the band made up of Paul Klein, Jake Goss and Les Priest will have you singing along with their catchy anthems. These include tracks like ILYSB, Walk Away, 4Ever and Made in Hollywood.

Until now, the band hasn't released a single video. In the band's most recent newsletter Paul explained that "a year ago we performed a stripped version of ILYSB for the people at Snapchat, and they filmed it. A few months later, they featured it on their "under the ghost" channel. Apparently it got millions and millions of views. Fans figured out how to rip the video and audio, and then they started putting it on YouTube and things got out of control, and it was obvious that we were onto something."

In the next coming months, LANY will be out on their US tour with Troye Sivan and then head off to the UK with Ellie Goulding. You can find a list of tour dates HERE


Lane Smith

Approached by long time friends Edwin and Michael with the early idea of No Anchor, Lane immediately hopped on board to get things rolling. Currently living in Los Angeles, Lane spends most of his time at NA managing athlete, artist and client relations. Over time, the team has given Lane the title of Hair Dresser. Acting as the team barber, Lane makes sure the team has fresh cuts and sharp projects to showcase to the world one head or one screen at a time.