Explore: Govan & Lake Lenore Caves

Photo taken by Sean Campbell

When I first arrived in Washington State, I quickly realized that I knew nothing about what the area had to offer. So, I made a point of picking up some tourist magazines and browsing the internet to see what this new place was all about. At first glance, a lot of what I saw was the standard tourist stuff that did not seem all that interesting. But, after looking a little deeper and talking to a few people I had come to know, I was able to pinpoint some cool places to explore. I was recently able to make it out to two of them: The unincorporated community, or ghost town, of Govan Wash. and the Lake Lenore Caves.

Govan, WA

Photo taken by Sean Campbell 

Directions can be found HERE

When searching Govan online, I assumed it would be more of a complete town from the descriptions I read, but upon arrival it was just an old schoolhouse. This, however, did not make it any less appealing. A few of us began to make our way into the building. The schoolhouse had five rooms. An entry way, two closets and what I believed to be two classrooms. The easiest way into the schoolhouse was by climbing up and over the old stoop.

Photo taken by Sean Campbell 

There were holes in the walls, plaster missing in all the windows, doors torn down and the floors consisted of dirt and broken pieces of wood. There was sketchy, but easy access into the rafters, thanks to an old ladder. Overall, it definitely fit the bill for being abandoned in the 1930s. After we all had our fill of the old school house, we took off for the second stop of our little road trip: The Lake Lenore Caves.

Lake Lenore Caves

The hike to the caves was short with a lot of loose rocks. The views from all points in the path were wonderful and the caves are incredible. They are small but there are several, taking up the entirety of the mountainside. The only part of the trail that is marked is the trailhead. Once you get to the top of the staircase, near the beginning of the trail, it veers off in several directions. Sticking to one path didn't seem to be important. Once you're up there on the mountain side and see a cave or something you wanted to explore, you just work your way towards it, making your own adventure.

Photo taken by Sean Campbell 

I would highly recommend both spots. They are within reasonably short distance of each other, taking only about 45 minutes to get from one to the other. At the end of the trip, everyone who went enjoyed themselves, even the ones who were skeptical of the abandoned school house or were afraid of heights.

The key is simply to get out there. Because once you are out, regardless of where you are, good times are bound to happen. 

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