Silverstein (Live at The Fonda)

Photo taken by Lane Smith

This weekend I made my way to Hollywood to catch a few fresh faces. With such a big name lineup including Silverstein, Being as an Ocean, Emarosa and Cold Rain, I'm pretty surprised with myself that I had not seen any of them prior to this night. I was so blown away by each artist that played. They were all so different, each bringing something unique to the table. 

Photo taken by Lane Smith

Having missed the opening talent, Cold Rain was the first band I walked in on. This Japanese hardcore band may be new to the states, but are more than familiar with how to put on a good show. 

Photo taken by Lane Smith

Up next to the stage was Emarosa. Holding a special place in my heart, it was a long time coming to enjoy a show from these guys. About nine years ago, the band I was in at the time covered a song off of their debut album, This is Your Way Out for a battle of the bands. Within seconds of the first drum hit, lead singer Braden Walden flipped across the stage and made his way into the pit to carry out the first song. What was really impressive is that this high energy performance didn't stop until the last sound of the set. More photos can be found below. 

Photo taken by Lane Smith

Being as an Ocean took this show to another level. Loud, heavy, passionate vocals with complimentary music filled the room for the next hour. What I find so cool about BAAO's frontman Joel Quartuccio is that you can tell how much he cares about the music he writes. There is passion behind each word, as he shares his story on a deeper level. Throughout this set, Joel interrupted the music for two very important messages... 1st, to acknowledge this year's presidential election; urging us to be wise. Second, he spoke to those who felt unloved, making sure they knew the opposite. He made sure each person that night felt cared for by those around them, encouraging us to love others well. Poet's really do have a way with words. 

Photo taken by Lane Smith

Last but not least, the main attraction. Silverstein came out strong with a string of new songs and classics. From the powerful vocals, to heavy guitar melodies, you could tell the band were no strangers to the game. The chemistry was something I haven't seen to often in bands. Such a cool experience! As the set began to build, so did the pit. So much so, that there was not enough security to catch each person crowd surfing, resulting with a pause in the band's performance. As lead singer (Shane Told) told the audience, he loves security and regularly praises their difficult job. It was unfortunate that the venue was having such a difficult time keeping everyone safe that night. After a brief pause, the band carried on to knock the rest of the night out of the park. I'm already looking forward to the next time these guys come around town. 

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Lane Smith

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