Vance Joy Tour (Live at The Fox)

Vance Joy, Elle King, and Jamie Lawson played to a full house here at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California. As a truly obsessed fan, I was convinced that Vance Joy could not put on a bad show, and sure enough, the crowd loved him.

Jamie Lawson, the first artist to sign with Ed Sheeran’s label Gingerbread Man Records, wooed the crowd with his crooner style tunes, including his popular song, “I Wasn’t Expecting That” and left the audience excited for the next performer.

Elle King showed up on stage and amused the crowd with her high levels of sass. Despite a few technical issues, she kept the audience laughing and rolled with the punches, performing a freestyle song about the situation. She brought so much energy to the stage that it was almost a disappointment to see her leave.

Vance Joy as a performer is high energy wound up in a lullaby; so much rhythm and emotion is delivered in such a calm and soothing tone. As a performer, he was electric; not because he was loud and energetic, but because his magnetic voice captured the attention of everyone there. He played all the favorites: “Riptide,” “Fire & the Flood,” “Georgia,” and many more, including my personal favorite: “Straight Into Your Arms” which he just released a music video for this week. He mesmerized us all with his beautiful voice - definitely a concert worth attending!