Space Hero Mission

Each person in this world has their own journey through life. It is in these journeys, a cumulative dynamic comprised of each individuals experiences, that the person is defined. Getting a person to step out of the norm and then reflect on how it affects them, you will find that no two reactions are the same. Sharing those reflections is the goal of Space Hero Mission.

Space Hero Mission was created by Don and Julia Derosier in 2015. The project was incarnated from their wanderlust and the desire to find out who we are in an an ever changing world filled with the unknown.  The project focuses on the stories of those involved and bringing those stories forward to be shared. Wearing the space suit has a different effect on each person who takes the step into the unknown and wears the mantel of a space explorer. 

“The project is not just about us it is about the people we work with because without them the project wouldn’t exist,” said Julia 

From its start, the project has evolved. Originally it was putting someone in the space suit and taking a photo. It wasn’t till later on that they started putting the participant in a special location and added the stories of the people who dawned the suit.

“We recently did a shoot with a tattoo artist where he was giving someone a tattoo in the space suit! so it was something that meant a lot to him because it showed who he is as an artist,” said Don. “We try to get to know more about them and through getting to know them build a community.”

With each Space Hero Mission shoot the participant gets a printed copy as well as the digital copy of them in the suit. By getting the printed copy they have something physical that they can be proud of and show to their friends and family. 

Currently there primary goal with the project is making it more accessible to people so that more people can participate. They want to do this by getting into more galleries and touring. Recently they have planned a tour throughout the western united states to go out and bring there project to more people. 

But in able for them to go on this tour and bring Space Hero Mission to more people they need some help. You can help them by contributing to their Kick Starter HERE

“When we conduct the project in public, people watch with lit up faces and its something special. Its a mesmerizing experience that you do not get everyday,” said Don. “People are drawn to it and we want more people to have the opportunity to experience it whether getting in the suit or simply witnessing it!”