Interview with Synchronice | Glorious, Spirit Animals & More


When it comes to electronic music, there are few artists who truly stand out to us. Synchronice happens to be one of them. In the past few years, brothers Will and James Saulsky have taken the electronic scene by storm, showing off their unique production through various genres. In awe of their most recent collab with Kasum, Glorious, I had the chance to talk to the artists on the tracks inspiration, the future of Synchronice and more. 

Q: Between the unique sounds of both yourselves and Kasum, talk a bit about the creative process that went behind the track. Maybe even a little background to getting Ruby involved!

James: We've known Brandon (Kasum) for a few years now and had discussed collaborating for awhile. It was a lot easier because we live relatively close to each other and he was able to meet us in person while the track was being written. 

Will: We started the track over summer and we knew it that it needed a vocal so we had a few names in mind that we thought would really suit it and Ruby was one of them.  It was really cool to see the song come together once she got on board.

Q: With the two of you having a background in music, have you found that your instrumentation plays a large part in how you go about producing?

James: It's kind of hard to say really. Sometimes I find it's easier to write lead parts on guitar while the piano is much better suited for progressions that require large chords. We really both picked up piano a lot more since we started producing electronic music though so that aspect of it has kind of grown with us. 

Will: Everything we make is written with a keyboard. I never could really write songs writing in midi notes in the piano roll. Plus we both played instruments before we got into producing so it's a more natural way for us to write songs .

Q: No Anchor is all about exploring various outlets of creativity. Do you guys have any other artistic passions?

James: I've become a lot more interested in photography over the last two years. It started out as just a way to capture images of our friends skateboarding or surfing but it's ended up helping us out as Synchronice as well. We shot our most recent press photos at home with a makeshift light setup I have and we've used a few photos as album art too. The combination of visual elements with the music is something we want to explore a lot more and it's great being able to art direct and capture the images ourselves.

Q: You guys also dropped a remix of Kayzo's Fired Up on Firepower recently to follow the Countdown EP (which by the way I still lose it when I hear The Sentence). Would you guys say Firepower has been a consistent outlet to share your music through?

James: Haha the sample before the drop in The Sentence still gets me too. Firepower has been great for us and we were stoked to release the remix of Fired Up through them. This past year has been something of an evolution for us and our music, at least we hope it's been that, and the Fired Up remix is pretty different from anything on the Countdown EP. Collectively, we're moving away from that really heavy all the time dubstep sound so we were kind of nervous about the response that remix might get on the label. Firepower is really good about sending out new tunes to their artists and once we got positive feedback coming in from other musicians we admire a lot it was a huge relief for us.

Will: Apart from that remix, we really only did the Countdown EP through Firepower but they're a really cool group of people and they're always super supportive.  I wouldn't say that we've had one outlet that we used more consistently than the rest since a lot of the music we've put out has been for free. 

Q: Did you guys make any new years resolutions for Synchronice? What can we expect for 2015?

James: We didn't necessarily write them out as resolutions but we definitely set some goals for the year. We're pretty far into one of the big ones, which is to release a new EP, probably in early spring. As part of bigger changes in the new songs, we're also incorporating live instruments and experimenting with singing on the tracks a lot more than ever before and the next step is to replicate that at our shows. There are a bunch of other things going on too, but getting all this new music out into the world is by far the biggest. 

Will: It's a extension of what we've been doing the past year but with a more focused direction and definitely the best quality of anything we've every made. The EP we're working on is just starting to take shape but we're definitely excited about it. 

Q: Lastly..... spirit animals. Go!!

James: I feel like I really connect well with penguins. They look really goofy sliding into the water but do it anyway and I'm all about that.  I'm also not very good at dealing with being cold and they always look like they're toasty, despite where they live. 

If you haven't checked out Synchronice, Kasum, or their new single, ENJOY!

Lane Smith

Approached by long time friends Edwin and Michael with the early idea of No Anchor, Lane immediately hopped on board to get things rolling. Currently living in Los Angeles, Lane spends most of his time at NA managing athlete, artist and client relations. Over time, the team has given Lane the title of Hair Dresser. Acting as the team barber, Lane makes sure the team has fresh cuts and sharp projects to showcase to the world one head or one screen at a time.