Nate Ruess - 'Grand Romantic' Album Review

 Nate Ruess explores a powerful new sound in his debut album 'Grand Romantic'.

Nate Ruess explores a powerful new sound in his debut album 'Grand Romantic'.

Over the past year or two, we've heard snippets here and there from frontman Nate Ruess, but nothing quite like this. Although his vocals carry the classic sound we have come to love, the music in Grand Romantic is fairly adventurous, showing Ruess goal to create and experiment in a new light. 

Opening the album with the bounce heavy, Freddie Mercury-esque track 'AhHa', Ruess sets the tone, letting his audience know that this is no ordinary, Fun. sounding repeat. Unfortunately, this heavier hype track is the only one of its kind. The tracklist follows with his hot single 'Nothing Without Love' and 'Take it Back'; bringing down the tempo, but keeping the vocals at their standard full blast. 

The rest of the album follows with tracks like 'Take it Back', 'Moment' and 'It Can't Get Much Worse', giving Ruess space for his vocals to really shine. The same goes for the one collaboration on the album with Beck, 'I Guess That's What This World is Coming To' - Great choice Nate. 

Although this album may be a new direction for Ruess, he continues to explore his passion to the next level. Through his hyperpersonal lyrics, it is clear to see he has thrown himself completely into this album, creating an experience for his listeners to apply to the human condition. With his details of past mistakes, relationships, and exhortations of love, Grand Romantic makes a strong declaration to hold purpose as an individual. 

Lane Smith

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