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Sync or Swim - Smallpools

Photo by  Lane Smith

Photo by Lane Smith

The other night, I had the chance to see a band that I've been keeping an eye on for awhile now - Smallpools. Having never seen them live before, I figured I'd finally get out to watch them perform. As the room filled wall to wall with angsty concert-goers, movement was difficult. That didn't stop anyone from having a KILLER time. 

Aside from music that makes you want to simultaneously jump, swim, dance and fly, there are a few other things I admire about these East coast natives:

1. The band's origin story. Two guys from Jersey, two guys from Portland. They both left home to make music in LA. "It just seemed like eventually something would have to happen", vocalist Sean Scanlon said in an early press release. These guys are champs. 

2. The accidental controversy behind the band name. Once the band decided to go with the name Smallpools, they were contacted by some very upset activists. They believed that the band was promoting the "small pools" that killer whales are put into in captivity. This is not the case. However, the band wrote a song about the event and it's pretty great. 

The American Love tour is now at a close, but check out their debut full-length, LOVE TAP, and be ready for the next tour! Or hop in your time machine and head there now and tell us how it is. I'm jealous. Take me with you. 

Live it, love it.