best adventures in alaska

Adventures in Alaska

Alaska is a big state, in fact the biggest state in North America.  A big state comes with big adventures. Living in Alaska you are faced with a few troubles, one being, where to go for your next run or hike or whether to go rafting or ice climbing. You can do all of these in the same day in completely different places! You can run the Coastal trail that runs along Anchorage,  then hit up Flattop for a day hike above the city  and call that a day. Or, you could drive to the Mat-su Valley for a rafting tour and then go to the Matanuska Glacier to climb. Being an Alaskan presents so many outdoor opportunities I swear you can’t ever get bored. Here are some my favorite places to explore in Alaska.


Photo taken by Aspyn Garfield

Earlier I mentioned Flattop. Flattop is 3,510 foot tall mountain that brings you above the city and is only about a 20 minute drive from the center of Anchorage.

Portage and Mantanuska Glaciers

Photo taken by Aspyn Garfield

Another must visit in Alaska is either Portage Glacier or the Matanuska Glacier. They are opposite of eachother. Portage is in Seward , Alaska and the Mat-Su ( What the locals say) is in Glacier View. My aunt actually owns the park to the Mat-Su Glacier that enables you to hike and climb it at ease with the 2 mile drive to the start of the trail.


Photo taken by Aspyn Garfield

If hiking isn’t so much your thing but you are still up for a fun adventure, driving to Seward is where it is at. But be sure to stop in Girdwood for some COAST pizza in the summers. One of the best pizza places in Alaska for the summer season. In Seward you can go fishing or just hang out at the docks. A short walk at Coopers landing will still present Seward with the utter most raw beauty to ever see. You can also take a drive or boat to see the Portage Glacier.

Hatcher's Pass

Photo taken by Aspyn Garfield

In the winter I find it harder to just put a backpack on and head out for a hike or even a simple walk to the mailbox. Trust me, it gets cold. But if winter is your thing and skiing and snowboarding on fresh non groomed powder is what you crave then head to Hatchers pass. The long, almost dream like winter wonderland drive up Hatchers will set your soul free as you shred down the pass. Up the pass a bit farther is where snowshoers and snowmachiners go to get that winter adventure in. (There is also a very sick and slick sledding hill at the top. You’re literally sledding down a side of a mountain.)

As many outdoor adventures there may be, just strolling through 4th ave in Anchorage or even going to a local show at Anchorage Community Works is as fulfilling when you’re not up for a big go with nature. The people you meet along way make the local small town feel even more special and memorable.