The reason I owe Steven Scarcello a gluten free cookie

It felt like an early Christmas here in the studio this week. Our new shirts and camera gear came in a day early, so we went camping.


Our spring line is called Western Youths and we are shooting a video to promote the line and give it meaning. I wrote a poem about exploring, concurring fear and simply having a good time in the great outdoors that will be played as a voice over during the film. 

We did a hike around the lake and joked about Steven jumping in for the video and then when we came back with the cameras it got real. The lake was freezing cold and all it took was some peer pressure and promise on a gluten free cookie to get Steven to jump in. He is the coolest hippy I know. 

Unfortunately the bakery was closed in the morning but we had a great time with great friends and I cant wait to share the Western Youths video with you all mid April!