Potlatch Film Trip | 20 Cats and Stillblu

This weekend was extra special because No Anchor is finally operating in the way I envisioned it from the beginning. The goal is to help athletes and creatives tell their stories through our network and that is exactly what happened. Stillblu, a music duo from Potlatch, Idaho came to us through our website and told us their story. They were born premature twins and almost didn't make it. Naming their music act Stillblu is a constant reminder of how much of a blessing life truly is. Needless to say, Michael and I were compelled. We made the trip as soon as possible and had a great time. 

On Friday we met the twins, passed around video ideas and met 20 some odd ball cats that happened to make it in the country. We spent the night at a bed-and-breakfast called Laird House. The house was built for the management of the local sawmill in 1906. The home was beautiful and full of rich history but my favorite part was its host Irene. She was a wonderful lady full of love and she makes a mean omelette.

Laird House in 1906

On Saturday we recorded interviews with the twins and learned more about their great journey through life.

On Sunday we dug through pictures and did a time lapse of the process to tell their story visually. We later recorded video in their studio and music room. We can't wait to share the music and story of Stillblu with you guys! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know when the video will be released.