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# One Spring to Rule Them All: A PNW Exploration


About three weeks back, four of us decided to do the unreal spring break trip. As many did the standard weekend camping trip, drinks on the beach in Hawaii or even just prep for their time at Coachella, we chose to explore the beautiful land of Canada. With a few stops along the way, we made our way up the coast, taking advantage of all the PNW had to offer us. This is our story. 


After long hours of driving, too many snacks and a couple plays through the new Smallpools album, we made it to the strangely beautiful city of Portland. Spending our first day in the city, we made sure to hit all the staples. Stumptown, check. Roman Candle, delicious. Voodoo Donuts, tourist. Poler Flagship, dope. If you're new to the city, I highly recommend visiting each of these at least once. If you're a local, judge me. Anyone can enjoy a Captain Crunch donut and french press from Stumptown. To wrap up the day, we were advised to head up to Forrest Park. With the Sony FS700 in hand, I had a good time grabbing some Western Youths product shots sprinting down river. 

Our second day out in Oregon, we decided to head to the Gorge. Completely blind of what to expect, we made our way toward the falls up Oneonta. This was sick. Surrounded by beautiful moss walls and waterfall overrun dripping from above, this was straight out of a dream. As we approached the water, we understood that we were not prepared. Arriving in full clothes, I stripped down to my boxers, held my camera bag above my head and made my way through the waist deep water. Barefoot, Noah came out the other end with a nice cut under his foot. Luckily Brad was willing to rip up his shirt as a good bandage and a better story. Assuming this was the deepest it got, we were mistaken. As Luke and I pressed on toward the falls, we reached a dilemma. We had the option to either a) swim to the falls {or} b) free climb the side wall with a slight chance of falling in. With camera gear in hand, we decided to go with, unfortunately, option c) turn around and come back soon. Words of advice, be prepared. 


Victoria, BC.

Freaking Canada. As a morning person, I volunteered to take the driving shift out of Portland at 3am to catch the ferry out of Port Angeles. Thankfully catching the sunrise through Olympic National Park on the coast made it more than worth it. Upon arrival, we had one thing in mind; food. Recommended to hit up Jam Cafe, this was our first stop. With a 30 minute wait, our expectations were high and yes, they were filled. The food was bomb, the service was incredible (shout out to April), and even the visual aesthetic of the cafe was appealing. I highly suggest the Charlie Bowl. Basically everything good about breakfast thrown in a bowl. 

With a kickstart to the day, although sleep deprived, we took on Victoria. This day consisted of an adventure across and under the Goldstream Trestle, Poutine from Pig's BBQ Joint and a night around the city with our new friend Rachael! (A killer photographer. Check out her work here)


Day 2 in Victoria really put the icing on the cake. It started off with some coffee from Habit, followed by burgers at Pink Bicycle. We then spent a little time in the Patagonia store with our new friends Mark and Molly and eventually made our way over to Sitka. If you're in the area, head to Sitka, grab some coffee, maybe pick up a new surfboard and ask for Kitara; she's rad. Thanks to her, we decided to head out to Mystic beach out west. With an Endor-esk hike, waterfalls and a rope swing over the ocean, this spot was killer to kick back, explore and grab some nice shots for Instagram. Even though it's a fairly easy hike down, there is a chance you'll make it off the path, chop down a few trees and catch a view of the shore from the side of a cliff. Sketch, but worth it. I miss you Victoria. 


Bellingham, WA.

On the way back to LA, we were able to make a quick stop in Bellingham, WA to make our drive a little more bearable. As we waited to grab dinner with my sweet friend Molly, we made our way to the boardwalk, posted up our Eno's and waited it out till the tide rose to our butts. Whoops. For dinner... Boundary Bay. Highly recommended. The night ended with dancing, childhood stories and a few episodes of Portlandia. The next morning we grabbed a quick late from Black Drop and we were back on the 5 South. 


A bittersweet goodbye. 

There are plenty more stories that words could not do justice. From the sweet people who let us crash in their home, to the drive up the 1 through Big Sur and even the huge lizard who crawled out of my bag when I got home, this trip was an incredible experience. All I can say is if you have the chance to go somewhere, just go! I've had several people tell me now that they were jealous of this trip. As many excuses as there are in life, there is truly nothing big enough to keep you from exploring new territory and meeting new people. Dream big and follow that dream down till the end. Find something your passionate about and live out that passion to its fullest. You've only got so much time; why not now? 



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