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Explore Perth, Australia: The Best Photo Locations

When people mention Australia, they tend to think of cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Although lovely cities, Perth has become one of the countries designated hot spots for photography. Here are a few reasons why.


The sunsets in Perth are a beautiful site. Having travelled coast to coast, the western sunsets have something special about them that you can't seem to find anywhere else. So grab a friend and your camera, make your way to the shoreline and capture this stunning view. 


The Laneways throughout Perth are scattered across the city and covered in some incredible graffiti art. They are the sole reason I created the hashtag, #lanewaysofperth. The hashtag was a way that I could showcase these hidden alleyways from a different perspective. Making the ordinary, artistic. 


Although not as recognizable as New York's, Perth sure puts up a good fight. If you make your way up to King's Park, just after the sun sets, you are guaranteed a spectacular sight. 

Photo taken by  Ben Carney

Photo taken by Ben Carney

Blue Boat Shed

Another iconic part of our city is the Blue Boat Shed. Located on the Swan River, it’s a popular location for wedding photographers and amateur snappers alike. 

Photo taken by @teebranco

As you can see, Perth is filled with some stunning locations. If you find your travels are taking you out to Australia any time soon, visit some of these spots and #noanchor! 

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