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Knee Deep in the Hiawatha Trail

Photo taken by Sean Campbell

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes you don't have a plan. Sometimes... that's okay. This was one of those situations where all three of those things came into place. 

We had an idea of what we wanted to accomplish. We were going to hike part of the Hiawatha Trail. Our issue was that we forgot, or just didn’t care, to look up any directions. We knew the general direction we wanted to go in and that's what was important.

Photo taken by Sean Campbell

En route, we had stopped at a gas station and I asked the clerk for directions to the trailhead. She was friendly and did her best to give me directions to the beginning of the Hiawatha Trail.

Unfortunately, either her directions were wrong, or we were not paying close enough attention. We ended up getting a little bit off track. And by a little bit off track, I mean we went five exits to far. That turned out to be okay, because we came across an interesting store. It had a little bit of everything! Nick-knacks, a coffee shop, a bar, lots of swords and slot machines were just a bit of what they had to offer.

Most importantly, they had a friendly middle aged man who had maps of the Hiawatha and he pointed us in the right direction. As my friends, Hector (@_zeroni_) Anndy( @anndeelion), and myself were just about to leave, the man from the store warned us of knee deep snow.

Photo taken by Sean Campbell

We turned around, went back the five extra exits, and finally reached the head of the trail. We were the only people there not on snowmobiles. But, if it were not for the snowpack done by the snowmobiles, we most definitely would have been knee deep in powder.

After hiking the trail for about a mile we realized how many different spots there were to get on the Hiawatha. This made us realize that we were neither near the bridge or the tunnel we wanted to explore. Regardless, where we were was beautiful. The light snow mixed with evergreens and the little bit of water showing from underneath the snow made for a very peaceful surrounding.

Once we got back to the car we looked at the map to reevaluate or surroundings. We figured if we went forward a few exits then we might find our tunnel.

Photo taken by Sean Campbell

We got off at exit zero and arrived at a ski area. We went inside to ask someone who works there where the trail was. Trying to ignore the fact that it smelled like feet, the employees were no help at all.

Despite the few upsets on this trip, we were content. As we left the ski resort, I thought if I drove to one end of the parking lot it would loop around, taking us back to the road. It didn't. However it did come to a beautiful vista view of the mountains. Hector and I got out to snap a few photos and just took in the view. We were simply standing in a snowbank, knee deep, looking out over the mountains, making a perfect end to our day. It was a simple yet poetical day we had in the mountains of Montana.