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Sync or Swim - The Oh Hellos & Joseph

The Oh Hellos

If I had one word to describe this band, that word would be jolly. Climbing up poles, drum battles, an energetic violinist/banjo player and beautiful harmonies are just a few of many features you might catch at The Oh Hellos concert. The Oh Hellos are a band I've enjoyed over the past few years and I finally got the chance to catch them live last night. Comprised of Tyler and Maggie Heath and a band filled with talent, these siblings bend and blend genres into a unique mix of eclectic folk rock. 

Along with a diversely energetic performance including tracks like 'Hello My Old Heart' and 'Lay Me Down', they showcased their two newest singles 'Dear Wormwood' and 'Bitter Water'. Their upcoming album, Dear Wormwood, is set to release October 16th of this year and I'm anticipating it to be their best yet.  


The band was supported by the Portland sister trio, Joseph. Not knowing them previously, I immediately fell in love with their music. They also happen to be some of the sweetest people I've gotten to know just by sitting with them for awhile. Support them and their music and be on the lookout for more of Joseph in the near future.