the fonda theater photos

Charlie Puth & Phoebe Ryan (Live at The Fonda)

Photo taken by Lane Smith

This last Sunday night, upcoming sensation Charlie Puth, along with Phoebe Ryan, took the stage for a sold out Fonda Theatre performance. This high energy, emotional and talent driven night will be one to remember for all those who attended. For myself, I didn't quite know what to expect. But, I now know that I have a new appreciation for both these artists and their quality, live appearances. 

After opening act Sophie Beem exited the stage, a very high energy Phoebe Ryan took her place. Opening her set with Dead, good vibes immediately filled the room. Pushing through a few technical difficulties, the comedic artist continued to make her way through songs like Mine, Homie, her cover of Ignition by R. Kelly and her new single, Chronic. Overall, Phoebe Ryan is FIRE. Having seen her twice now, she is consistent, fun, and talented. It was a perfect way to start off the night. . 

Photo taken by Lane Smith

As the curtains closed, the lights grew dark. The anticipation was rising as the crowd began to chant "Charlie" at the top of their lungs. In no time, the curtains rose once again as 24 year old, New Jersey native Charlie Puth took the stage. Comically, he just stood there and waved for a little bit, waiting a few minutes for the raging applause to calm down. Having taken a seat at his piano, he was ready to get it on! Charlie started off his powerful 90 minute set with his personal rendition of Marvin Gaye. I can't fail to mention that his band played an incredible show as well.. A three piece consisting of drums, bass/keys and a guitarist, the sound filled the room to create a rollercoaster of musical experience. From slower acoustic tracks to funk pop, his setlist was filled with diversity. A highlight of the night, which got everyone hyped, was when Charlie was joined by Kehlani on stage to perform Hotline Bling. As many fan girls indicated on paper signs that night, it was "LIT". 

Photos taken by Lane Smith

As expected, the night ended with an encore. What he chose to play, we can probably all guess. However, I'm going to urge you to get to the show closest to you and find out for yourself! You can find the rest of the tour dates HERE to see Charlie Puth and Phoebe Ryan.