Nine to Five and How to Survive

I love my bed entirely too much. Maybe it was my time at college that taught me never to take a good mattress for granted, but somewhere along the way I started feeling like the sheets and blankets were holding me captive.

The first step to getting over anything is acceptance. So this year, along with what seemed like a billion other people, I made a resolution to get outside more. My goal was small, with every weekend being an excursion to a local hiking spot. To be honest I need to get off the beaten path more.

Like most resolutions, it started out strong. With Canfield Mountain in Coeur d' Alene and more accessible hikes just out my door, a co-worker of mine and I made it a goal to go out in the morning before our shift started. This meant meeting up at 6:30am downtown CDA to be able to get to hike and get to work on time.

It’s an interesting time learning how to be an adult. People between the ages of 18-32 are trying to figure out how to get their life together, without selling part of their soul. Or at least that’s where I am... But with the increase of blogs, magazines and even news organizations talking about travel, I am starting to think i’m not the only one.

So whether you like it or not, you are going to age. You'll get lines on your face from all the years you’ve been in the sun, laughing, crying, shouting, whatever. You could stick yourself in a cubicle, make friends with your neighbors. The reality is that the state of Idaho is roughly 42 percent forest, with most of that being land that’s not easily accessible by vehicles (can someone say backpacking please?).

Working 9-5 does not mean that you slowly have to suck your life away. For me, being an adult just means learning how to choose to spend my time. Whether that's sleeping in till the very last second before work or waking up at sunrise to get my blood moving with the fresh air before a long day behind a desk. 

Brush off the burdens my friends. There is fresh air and skies and oceans and grass that your feet could meet. Together we can break the 9-5.


Article Written by Alyse Neal:  CDA, Idaho

Instagram: @alyse_emilyy